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Shandong Topever is a group company with Shandong Meilian and Shandong Jiarun subsidiaries. Topever founded in 2003 and has specialized in protective film and BOPP packing tapes for more than 20 years and becomes a modern high-tech enterprises integrating R & D, production and sales.

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    Over 20 years of experience in manufacturing adhesive tapes and related products.

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    Superior quality with SGS and ISO9001 certificate.

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    Reasonable prices& satisfactory sales service & short lead time.


We have the production capacity of high-standard products to meet customers' needs.

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    bopp jumbo rolls

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    printing production lines

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    coating production lines


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Characteristics and Uses of Bopp Packing Tape

Characteristics and Uses of Bopp Packing Tape BOPP packing tape is made of polypropylene film (BOPP) and coated with acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.According to the different thickness of the product ca...

No one can be more professional than us

No one can be more professional than us Bopp Tape Jumbo Roll is a kind of tape that forms the rude on one side of the original film and is then glued by a series of processes based on the original BOPP movie. The...

How to remove the residual glue of transparent tape?

BOPP tape plays an important role in our lives, such as sticking things, sealing torn things, making packaging for something, and so on. Transparent BOPP tape for our life has brought a lot of convenience, but sometimes after we use, may find that the...